Father’s Day

As long as I can remember, it’s been a real challenge to shop for my Dad. I struggle to think of gifts to buy him and when I do, there is a good chance he has already bought that item for himself.

My quest for a great gift for my dad changed one day at the Farmers Market in 2018. I was working at the market info booth and a coworker had stopped by to say hello. She was done with work for the day and was picking up some pickles for her Dad. She mentioned that he was obsessed with one of our vendor’s pickles and she had come to buy pickles as a Father’s Day gift.

Cue my light bulb moment. My Dad LOVES pickles. I thought, “What the heck, I’ll buy him some pickles for Father’s Day.” I headed over to Schyma’s Pickles and Preserves and bought a few jars of pickles. They were a huge hit.  My Dad loved them, shared them, and I found myself in a new role as “pickle supplier,” buying pickles on a weekly basis for our friends and family.

Along with pickles, my Dad loves baked beans. In 2019 l decided to mix it up for Father’s Day and I bought him some baked beans from JB’s Homemade at It’s Finest. The beans were a hit and I now am the bean transporter, buying 1 gallon of beans at the market every time I see my Dad.

Unique food items make wonderful gifts for any holiday or celebration. Have you ever shopped the Farmers Market for holiday or hostess gifts? We would love to hear what you’ve purchased and for whom!