Masks at the Market

It’s a joy to provide fresh, healthy food for the community, and food safety has always been a top priority for market operations.  COVID-19 has caused dramatic changes in the market, pushing us to think about infectious disease and adopt new strategies to operate safely during the pandemic.  It has been a season unlike any other, and we are truly grateful to have a community partner in Maple Grove Hospital.

Maple Grove Hospital is the market’s Presenting “Safe at the Market” sponsor. As part of our shared commitment to your health, we’ll be sharing the hospital’s information and resources related to COVID-19 and how market shoppers can remain safe while purchasing fresh food.  This week’s timely topic is masks—how, when, and where to wear them, how they help to prevent the spread of disease, and how to maximize their effectiveness. Please enjoy this easy-to-understand overview from North Memorial Health.

Masks or face shields are strongly recommended for all market participants and are one of many strategies we’ve adopted to keep you safe and confident about shopping your “outdoor grocery store.”  Handwash stations and hand sanitizer are available at each end of the market. We’ve designed our site to keep a constant six-foot distance between vendors and shoppers.

Watch for a new market mascot in the near future…a six-foot llama cut-out provided by Maple Grove Hospital to give you a real-life representation of what six feet really is. Get your cameras ready! Additionally, we have one-way traffic designed to help you maintain distance from fellow customers. The market has a maximum occupancy of 250 customers at any one time.

Wearing a mask or face shield is one way that you can mitigate risk, allowing the market—and your essential errands and activities–to continue safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please take a moment to review our COVID-19 plan at We hope that the market continues to be a source of joy, nutrition, and connection through this year and into the future.

2020 Presenting Sponsor: Safe at the Market