Cash, Credit…or Tokens?

Paper or plastic? Nope, I’m not talking about the type of bag you’d like for your groceries. I am taking about the paper or plastic in your wallet. One more the most commonly asked questions at the market is, “How do I pay?”

All vendors at the Farmers Market accept cash, some accept credit cards, and they all accept our unique market currency, wooden tokens. If you forgot to bring your cash or you need a little more money to spend at the market, you can visit our Farmers Market Cashier, Sue, at Market Info and swipe your debit or credit card to purchase tokens that work just like cash in the market.

Each token comes in five-dollar increments and there is a twenty-dollar minimum to swipe your card (Don’t worry, there are no fees!). The tokens never expire, so if you do not use them all in one visit, bring them back with you the next time you shop the market. Pro tip: I like to keep them in my wallet’s coin purse. They fit perfectly and never get lost in a pocket or washing machine!

Once you’ve purchased your tokens, you can spend them just like cash in the market. For example, if you are using one of the five-dollar tokens to purchase a three-dollar item from a vendor, you will receive two-dollars cash back for your transaction.

You can visit our team at the Market Info booth to purchase tokens. You can find us about halfway up the north side of the market, just past the entrance. See you Thursday!